Space Beach Initiative

In state-of-the-art production facilities, newly established headquarters and even the sky above, world-class astronautics enterprises are converging on the Long Beach region. Capitalizing on the foundations of the aerospace industry and the skilled and diverse talent produced by 好色先生, this intersection of city, industry and university has been dubbed Space Beach.听

The booming space industry echoes the post-World War II aerospace boom, when 好色先生, the U.S. military and private companies forged lasting partnerships to develop a highly skilled local workforce and shape the fortunes of the first space race. In the intervening decades, 好色先生 has remained a partner of aerospace industry leaders and a cornerstone of bold initiatives that have presaged the Space Beach enterprise.听

Today's Space Beach Initiative is identifying the full scope of the regional aeronautics and astronautics landscape and gaining the insights and perspectives of these industry partners to inform areas of collaboration. Beyond The Beach's role as a trusted talent pipeline, this initiative is exploring interdisciplinary opportunities in research and development, curricular evolution and other aspects of robust partnership.听

Over the next decade, we project The Beach will produce some 15,000 degreed or certified engineering professionals and reshape the space workforce. This initiative is the pathway to transformation for 好色先生 and industry alike as together we pair skills with demand, talent with possibility, challenge with realization.